Welcome to the WR4RC BPSK-31 Page


Interested in PSK-31?

Check out the links below for information on PSK-31 from K7AGE.
Introduction to PSK-31
Sound card interfacing
Transmit Setup
Operating psk-31

Interested in A PSK-31 local net?

Contact KF4OFI or KJ4HTY by sending an e-mail to their callsign @ russellcoarc.org

Where do I use PSK-31?

Most of the more active frequencies for PSK-31 are in the HF bands (20-40-80 meters) and require a General license or greater to access. See list here
However there are a couple of frequencies that are available to Tech’s on 10 meters,
6 meters and also on 2 meters. The 10 meter slots are 28,070.15 and 28,120.15.
The 6 meter slots are 50.290 for SSB PSK-31 and 51.120 for FM PSK-31. There are also two slots on 2 meters at 145.550 for FM PSK-31 and 144.144 for SSB PSK-31.